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Radio Junction – No More Tension ,the name itself defines it as a junction where all meet and tension disappears. Radio Junction was started with the same thinking to be a platform where tears convert into smiles. Like every radio, the format of the programs should be the same here but the participation of unsung and untold ones in its operation whose acceptance has been denied in the society makes this radio different from others.Negative image of transgenders like portraying the barbaric nature of them such as coercion,beating, aggression etc had raised many questions in the mind of the children. A seventh standard girl got hurt after experiencing a violent incident with her. She was molested by the boys of XI boys standard in the school . A question emerged in her mind why some men in the guise of women are this much angry ? Where do they come from ? Have their parents not taught them to live with love? Who could not forgive even the smallest mistake of their children? She contemplated and took a resolution to find out the reason of their aggressive nature . She decided to communicate this trauma in the society to end their pathetic life and add some sweetness in to their hearts.Growing up, knowing about their existence, it was felt that it is difficult to eliminate the reason for their irritable behavior, because the reason was not rooted in them since birth but it was the reaction how their families and society treated and abandoned them. Separation from their loved ones and wandering from door to door in search of their livelihood converted them into a ruthless, soulless and coercive folks. Being a radio presenter, without ever meeting to my listeners, I feel a deep connect with them. I believed that I could develop an emotional connect with these socially outcast and deprived genre through my radio channel. It would be a small token of love for them if I could raise a flicker of smile on those faces that are under several taboos since ages.This radio Junction is a small effort to bring these so called transgenders into the main stream of society by giving them an equal treatment of mankind, equal opportunity to excel in life and present them infront of the world as they actually are. It is said that music heals the invisible wounds of hearts . Radio Junction provides an opportunity to all such people who are deprived, exploited and but have some talent.The digital revolution and the power of social media have provided a platform where everyone can raise his / her voice and share his /her hidden talent. Web broadcasting had also started in India. In 2014 transgenders got constitutional recognition which is a milestone in their life. In 2019, the Transgender Bill was also passed. But there was still a misconception about the transgenders in the society. We neee still to work hard to portray the right image of transgenders in the society. They are not beggars, street walkers or ruthless people but good humans like us. To bridge this gap, the role of radio in the web broadcasting medium was felt to be very powerful and far-reaching . And thus a question emerged in childhood became a platform for the existence of Radio Junction. The first broadcast of Radio Junction took place on 1st November, 2019 and some programs kept going thereafter. But the dream to broadcast the story of a transgender in the voice of their own came to existence on Friendship Day of August, 2020 when a transgender anchor got on air.Transgender Anchor “Richa Saxena” (KP Saxena) aired the program by extending a hand of friendship to the listeners in the live show “Transformation Ek Nayi Pahal” on Radio Junction . She became the first transgender anchor of India on a digital radio , dedicated to transgender society . This journey of friendship continues on Radio Junction and transgenders have started joining this platform to show their talent. In this small but a meaningful effort, all of you keep your affection, cooperation and association with us so that the transgender talents are encouraged and their confidence can increase.

Purpose /AIM:

Radio has always been the craze among the people in the world of communication and after the digital revolution, web broadcasting has brought a new revolution in the field of education and public awareness along with entertainment in worldwide.Although there are many discussions for awareness in the society, on which people’s attention have been attracted, there is very little awareness among the people about the problems, struggles, and the status of transgenders in the society. Whatever it is, there are also a lot of rumours, confusion and myths attached to it. Due to which even today despite having constitutional rights, there is very little scope of change in their social status. The major reason for this is family disdain, lack of equal opportunities for education, lack of awareness of one’s rights and lack of opportunities in the workplace. The objective of Radio Junction is to create awareness and cooperative behavior among people towards transgenders. Along with this, people have to be introduced to the transgender talents / personalities who have proved themselves with their abilities, through interviews and their qualifying skills. Radio Junction is a banner for providing expert advice/counsel/health-medicine and career counseling to transgender children through various programs focusing on topics such as the value of upbringing/education in families and the importance of family.Radio Junction is also trying to engage transgenders by training them in production work and anchor team of its programmes. So that communication skills can be developed professionally and transgenders can also make a place in the hearts of people with their beautiful voice in the field of anchoring.