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Radio has always been the craze among the people in the world of communication and after the digital revolution, web broadcasting has brought a new revolution in the field of education and public awareness along with entertainment in worldwide. Although there are many discussions for awareness in the society, on which people’s attention have been attracted, there is very little awareness among the people about the problems, struggles, and the status of transgenders in the society. Whatever it is, there are also a lot of rumours, confusion and myths attached to it. Due to which even today despite having constitutional rights, there is very little scope of change in their social status. The major reason for this is family disdain, lack of equal opportunities for education, lack of awareness of one’s rights and lack of opportunities in the workplace. The objective of Radio Junction is to create awareness and cooperative behavior among people towards transgenders. Along with this, people have to be introduced to the transgender talents / personalities who have proved themselves with their abilities, through interviews and their qualifying skills. Radio Junction is a banner for providing expert advice/counsel/health-medicine and career counseling to transgender children through various programs focusing on topics such as the value of upbringing/education in families and the importance of family.Radio Junction is also trying to engage transgenders by training them in production work and anchor team of its programmes. So that communication skills can be developed professionally and transgenders can also make a place in the hearts of people with their beautiful voice in the field of anchoring.